Project Management

The research line in Project Management focuses on the construction of a body of knowledge applicable in very varied organizations, from engineering companies to government and service organizations. Researchers in this line are working on the development of models and tools applicable to public procurement processes, Green and Social Public Procurement, project risk management and research of managerial skills and leadership in Project Management, authentic leadership and its impact in the success of the project and in-the-role and extra role performance of the team, positive psychological capital and engagement.

Competitive research projects

  • Analysis of the Green Public Contracting (GPC) of works in the Valencian Community and development of indicators for its evaluation (GVA/2017/027) (2017-2018)

Projects with companies

  • Management of the exhibition and maintenance of the Rice Museum of the City of Valencia. 5 consecutive contracts of 15 and a half years duration in total.

Recent scientific articles

  • Fuentes Bargues, J.L., Bastante-Ceca, M.J, Ferrer-Gisbert, P.S., González-Cruz, M.C. (2021) Analysis of the situation of social public procurement at Works at the Valencian Region (Spain). Sustainability 13(1),175.
  • Fuentes Bargues, J. L., Bastante-Ceca, M.J., Ferrer-Gisbert, P.S., González-Cruz, M.C. (2020) Study of Major-Accident Risk Assessment Techniques in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process. Sustainability. 12(13), 5347.
  • Ballesteros-Pérez, P.; Sanz-Ablanedo, E.; Soetanto, R.; González-Cruz, M.C.; Larsen, G.D.; Cerezo-Narváez, A. (2020) Duration and Cost Variability of Construction Activities: An Empirical Study. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. 146(1): 04019093-1-13. ISI IF 2017 = 2,201 (Q2). DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0001739.
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  • Ballesteros-Pérez, P.; Sanz-Ablanedo, E.; Mora-Melià, D.; González-Cruz, M.C.; FuentesBargues, J.L.; Pellicer-Armiñana, E. (2019) Earned Schedule min-max: Two new EVM metrics for monitoring and controlling projects. Automation in Construction. 103, pp. 279 – 290. SI IF 2017 = 4,032 (Q1). DOI:
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Directed doctoral theses

  • Proposal of a new model for the prediction of withdrawals in Construction tenders. PhD student: Pablo Ballesteros Pérez / Directors: Mª Carmen González Cruz and Juan Pascual Pastor Ferrando (2010)
  • Proposal of a decision support methodology for project management processes. PhD student: Rocío Poveda Bautista / Directors: Mónica García Melón and Mª Carmen González Cruz (2006)