Pablo Aragonés-Beltrán, a PRINS researcher, and Mónica García Melón, from the Ingenio Institute, are at the top of the list of the most cited people in Europe for their articles applying the analytic network process (ANP). Pablo Aragonés explains that one of the success stories in which he has applied this technique is “in the valuation of footballers and in the valuation of Valencia FC, in addition to the valuation of assets in general (real estate, industrial land, agricultural plots, …. See more

The UPV Governing Council approves the creation of the Research Centre in Project Management, Innovation and Sustainability (PRINS by its Spanish acronym)

PRINS begins its activity with 13 PhD researchers from the Design and Project Management Research Group (GI-DDP by its Spanish acronym) of the UPV Engineering Projects Department (DPI by its Spanish acronym). See more