Mission, Vision and Values

PRINS Mission

Contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of project management, innovation and sustainability, interacting with the national and international scientific community, developing a quality, rigorous, efficient, ethical and sustainable scientific activity that can be transferred to society. All this, with the aim of promoting the integral development of society and contributing to its progress, through the generation of knowledge and its transfer to the social and economic agents in its environment.

PRINS Vision

Being a relevant Research and Innovation Centre, with a presence in international networks and projects linked to fields of knowledge related to the Engineering Projects area, in which research and transfer are developed following the excellence criteria and international impact, in which a resource management responsible, competitive and committed with its environment is carried out.

PRINS Values

The values on which PRINS is based are responsibility, professionalism, the search for excellence, scientific progress, innovation, collaboration, internationalization, adaptability and response to change and increasing complexity. All this developed with shared leadership, transparency and allocation of resources by commitment.