This study line focuses on the application of methods, techniques and models to promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Understanding entrepreneurship as an engine of economic and social development, the characteristics and skills necessary for the development of creativity and business innovation are analysed in a changing, complex and volatile environment such as the current one. In these circumstances, it is necessary to use agile methodologies that allow reducing the initial uncertainty of projects in a fast, incremental and flexible way. Thus, we apply Customer Development and Lean Startup as methods to establish a Lean Business Design in both newly created and consolidated companies. Adding exponential technologies and SCALE and IDEAS attributes to these methodologies seeks to design profitable, repeatable and scalable business models through continuous experimentation.

Competitive research projects

  • CESAR: Social entrepreneurship and its role in regional innovation systems (2014-2016)
  • CESAR: Contribution of Latin American higher education to relations with the socioeconomic environment (2011-2014)
  • Training for the management of university-business cooperation for development (2011-2012)

Projects with companies

  • Australis Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Convening/funding entity: Corporación para el Desarrollo de la Provincia de Osorno
      Start date: 06/28/2009
      Finish date: 07/01/2010
  • Application of design thinking and customer development for the development of a startup.
    • Convening/funding entity: Thinkandcloud S.L.
      Date: 04/07/2016
  • Creativity and value proposition for the development of clients in lean startup methodologies.
    • Convening/funding entity: Thinkandcloud S.L.
      Date: 04/23/2015
  • Implementation of seminars and creativity workshops promoted by CECOVAL in 25 small businesses in the Valencian Community.
    • Convening/funding entity: Confederación de Empresarios del Comercio Valenciano
      Date: 11/16/2015
  • Organisational resilience workshops at CECOVAL: towards a technical management adapted to the changes of the environment, the need to innovate and generate added value
    • Convening/funding entity: Confederación de Empresarios del Comercio Valenciano
      Date: 11/16/2015

Recent scientific articles

  • Vicente-Gomila, J.M; Artacho-Ramírez, M.A.; MaTing; Porter, A.L. (2021). Combining tech mining and semantic TRIZ for technology assessment: Dye-sensitized solar cell as a case. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 169, 120826.
  • Vicente-Gomila, J.M; Palli, A.; de la Calle, B. Artacho-Ramírez, M.A. and Jiménez, S. (2017). Discovering shifts in competitive strategies in probiotics, accelerated with TechMining. Scientometrics, 111(3), 1907-1923.

Directed doctoral theses

  • The combination of the disciplines of Techmining and Semantic TRIZ for better and faster analyzing technology evolution. Doctorando: José Miguel Vicente Gomila / Directores: Miguel Ángel Artacho Ramírez y Alan Leslie Porter (2017).